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How Do Robotic, Suction, and Pressure Side Pool Cleaners Compare?

One of the most expensive things you can invest in your home is a swimming pool. Although you needn’t a lot of money to build, you have to give it regular maintenance. It means you need to keep it clean.

To decrease the amount of time you need to keep your pool clean, you need a pool cleaner. There are a few kinds of pool cleaners out there. In this post, we will learn about the comparison of robotic, suction, and pressure side pool cleaners.

Three Types of Pool Cleaners

1. Robotic Pool Cleaners

This cleaner is the most expensive kind. It is also the most powerful model. When it comes to choosing a robotic pool cleaner, people look for a model that allows them to program to work on their own, handle the hardest jobs, as well as do other things.

When shopping for a robotic pool cleaner, you can get a lot in return from the company. If you have a tight budget, you will have to move on to a less effective model.

It is essential to clean out the filter of the robotic pool cleaner after each use. Although these models are expensive, they are worth it.


  • Energy efficient
  • Superior cleaning
  • Removes wear on the pool cleaner


  • Expensive

2. Suction-side Pool Cleaners

These models clean debris by using the intake side of a pool’s filter system. Most of these models will pass debris right to the filter basket. These models can put extra tear and wear on the pool system since they feed right off the suction power of the pump.

Moreover, the suction-side pool cleaners are a bit more powerful compared to the pressure-side pool cleaner mentioned later. These cleaners do not need a separate booster pump to work properly.

The skimmer basket needs to be cleaned after each use. The electric bill will be higher compared to the robotic models. However, this kind is still one of the cheapest models out there.


  • Affordable price
  • Ease of maintaining
  • Fewer moving parts


  • Increases the pressure
  • The filter pump has to operate

3. Pressure-side Pool Cleaners

These models are the crudest with the fewest gadgets. For these pool cleaners, you will need to pair them with a booster pump. It will give the cleaners the essential power to clean your pool.

These cleaners are the most budget-friendly models. Although you have to purchase a booster pump, you can get many advantages from a pressure-side pool cleaner.

It is also essential to clean the filter bag after each use. This model has the same electric bill as the suction-side model. Besides, it is not essential to backwash it once you are done.


  • Ease of maintaining
  • Lower cost
  • Less dirt and debris found on the filter


  • Needs an extra booster pump

Other Essential Things to Consider

The Pool Floor

You can know what pool cleaner you need to shop for, thanks to the materials used in your pool floors. A pool cleaner may be a complete dud in any kind of pool.

A different pool cleaner can perform well on every kind of pool floor but the one you own.

Dirt Load

Different kinds of pool cleaners can do a better job when they clean up different kinds of debris. Indeed, robotic pool cleaners are good at picking it all up. Pressure-side cleaners can operate well with fine materials.

Also, they will be blocked by leaves as well as bigger things. You can use a pressure-side pool cleaner when getting fine debris into the pool. These models can help you save money.

Moreover, you also needn’t concern about looking for one getting leaves.


When choosing a pool cleaner, you should not skimp since it is a big investment. Also, you should purchase ones that will maintain them. Not all the pool cleaners are expensive.

You can look for the perfect one for a pretty good price. It is essential to determine how much money you need to spend.


In general, it is a good idea to consider the robotic pool cleaners of the highest quality. The next one is the suction-side and the pressure-side on the bottom.

To decide which kind you need, you should consider your pool’s size. Also, consider how much money you will spend.
Now, you have had all the essential things you need to know about those three kinds of pool cleaners.

I hope they can help you find the right one for you. Best of luck!


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